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When I’m not penning my travel stories on this site or over on my other site, The Comfort Zone Project, I’m writing for outlets spanning the internet and print medium. I cover various topics including general travel writing, responsible tourism, elephant tourism, Las Vegas, Thailand and more. If you’re interested in working with me, please send an e-mail: [email protected]


MO, Mandarin Oriental Magazine, “Sinfully Good

Vegas Seven, “Vacation Lite

Online: inspirational, career, expat

Luna Luna, “While All My Friends Are Getting Married, I’m Busy in the Jungle

DIG Travel Magazine, “The Importance of Following Your Dreams

Solo Traveler, Solo Travel Stories

Plum Deluxe, “Travel Means Different Things to Different People

Girls Can’t What,”Girls CAN travel the world … solo

Vegas Seven, “Career Break Hits Pause on Rat Race

Online: responsible tourism, responsible elephant tourism

Travel + Escape eco-tourism contributor

The Huffington Post, “Elephant Nature Park: Comforting Those Who Cannot Forget

World Nomads, “Why Elephant Riding Should Be Removed From Your Bucket List,” WorldNomads.com, Nov. 22, 2011

Vegas Seven, “Speaking for the Elephants

Online: Thailand

Amari Pulse regular contributor

Online: general travel

Thought Catalog contributor

Matador Network contributor

Viator contributor

About.com, “How to Pick the Perfect Hostel

Travel Fashion Girl, “Confessions of a Croc Addict: The Perfect Travel Shoe for Europe?

Vegas Seven, “Crossing the Border, Wish You Were Here,” “Red Mountain Resort Packages Relaxation,” “In the Shadow of the Old West, an Unlikely Music Venue

Travel Moments in Time, “That special place — Spain

Nomadic Chick, “El Amor and Travel

Travelllll, “How to Get Over Travel Fatigue: When Hitting the Wall Doesn’t Mean Hitting the End of Your Trip

Hostel Life, “Riad Medina Azahara Hostel; Explore the enchanting city of Marrakesh, Morocco

Online: Las Vegas

Top 10 Vegas regular contributor

CheapOAir (previous Las Vegas expert)

OneTravel (previous Las Vegas expert)

The Travelers Way contributor

AdventureGirl, “Las Vegas: A New Spin on Nightlife

GoBackpacking, “Las Vegas Dining Reaches New Level of Outrageousness

Got Saga, “5 Things to Do When You Viva Las Vegas

Isabelle’s Travel Guide, “Las Vegas — Beyond the Strip

Hostel World, “Las Vegas buffet reviews

Las Vegas Getaway “Mexican Restaurants in Las Vegas,” “The Best of Downtown Las Vegas

Get Your Guide, Local tips for Las Vegas

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  1. Laura March 21, 2010 at 9:50 pm ·

    Hey D,

    I’ve been looking for a way to travel and work as I go. Mind me asking you how you are affording it? I was thinkinig about going into TEFL…but I don’t know. I went backpacking solo through Italy for a month by myself last summer and fell in love with backpacking. I also got to see France and England, but am addicted to traveling. Any advice on how to swing it would be great. Please email me at the above address. Would love advice. Wishing you safe travels! So jealous! :)

    Travel love!


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