• The last time I saw my grandpa
    Love, life and loss … again
    October 27, 2013, 19 Comments

    No one said being an expat is easy. No one said it is all unicorns and rainbows and glitter (damn). In fact, being an expat means missing out on the [...]

  • Samui Chewang Beach
    Vacation, all I ever wanted
    July 5, 2013, 3 Comments

    There’s a panic that sets in sometimes. A panic of being stationary. When this panic sets in, I normally high tail it out of the place I am to embark [...]

  • anxiety pills
    Anxiety abroad
    May 14, 2013, 25 Comments

    “I think I have shortness of breath,” I say when I stop into the clinic my old apartment owner runs. “I just lost a friend the other week and my [...]

  • Experience Songkran in Chiang Mai
    Surviving Songkran
    May 9, 2013, 17 Comments

    The stream of water from the squirt gun hits me dead in the eye. The sting is instantaneous. “Damnit! My eye!” I whimper as I attempt to wipe the water [...]

  • Adam Bromley and an elephant
    An ode to my friend
    April 18, 2013, 16 Comments

    The first thing I notice about Adam are his powder blue eyes. A gorgeous blue. And, as I get to know more about him, those eyes become one of the [...]

  • Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Escaping Chiang Mai
    April 2, 2013, 18 Comments

    Shortly after my seven-month anniversary as an expat in Chiang Mai, I hit a wall. Actually, I don’t really hit a wall, the walls start to close in around me. Dramatic as [...]

  • Cambodia child
    When words fail
    March 25, 2013, 8 Comments

    For the last 8-plus months, I have been living as an expat in Thailand. I have been living, breathing animal rights — particularly as it relates to Asian elephants — [...]

  • Barren landscape in Sri Lanka
    When tragedy strikes the expat life
    March 3, 2013, 32 Comments

    “D,” W says over the phone, hiccuping sobs, “J’s dad. He’s passed.” Muffled cries, inaudible words. “Oh my god,” I manage, feeling the pit of my stomach tighten and tears [...]

  • Thailand sex industry
    Fact vs. Fiction: the Thailand Sex Industry
    January 7, 2013, 21 Comments

    The sex industry in Thailand is a vast and complex organism -- something that cannot be defined in concrete terms. Also, the concept of ‘pay-to-play’ relations in regards to morality is subjective to the individual and their social and ...

  • Baby and mom at Elephant Nature Park
    Daily Wanderlust: Elephant Love
    December 13, 2012, 6 Comments

    My days at Elephant Nature Park consist of a lot of animal time. When Navann, the park’s new baby, was born on Oct. 28, it thrilled me to no end. [...]