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Travel bloggers (and travel blogs)  I love and have/would travel with any day of the week:

A Chick with Baggage: Abbey Hesser is my kryptonite. For some reason, when I am with her, my liver wants to shrivel up and fall out of my body. But, that’s OK because I love her. We’ve celebrated St. Patrick’s Day together in Ireland and Memorial Day in Spain. She writes about her life in Spain working at an equestrian retreat, and her adventures within Europe and beyond. On Twitter: @ahesser

Adventure Girl: Stefanie Michaels’ site is one of my absolute favorites. Not only does she kick some serious travel booty, she knows her stuff. On Twitter: @adventuregirl

Allie and Mark: I met this wonderful couple in Turkey, when I was just coming out of a serious travel meltdown. These two became friends and we spent a lot of time together during the Fez Bus Tour through the country. They’ve traveled pretty much non-stop for years, and are now stationary in America. On Twitter: @allieewilliams

Adventures of a GoodMan: Adventures of a GoodMan is the online magazine of Greg’s life and his answer to the age-old question: I traveled; now what? Through vibrant photography and stories from the road, Greg invites you to join him on this journey.

Bacon is Magic: Ayngelina left an amazing job, boyfriend, apartment and friends to find inspiration in Latin America and now travels the world finding inspiration in many things, but mostly food. Her site incorporates some great travel stories and photos. On Twitter: @ayngelina

Camels and Chocolate: Tales From a Travel Addict: I first started talking to Kristin Luna when I was traveling in Europe. A year later, I finally got to meet her when Abby Tegnelia, she and I decided we needed to explore Napa together. She’s rad. And has the cutest little dog, Ella. Kristin’s a travel writer who contributes to a bevy of magazines and guidebooks and shares the “unedited version” of her travels on her site. On Twitter: @lunaticatlarge

Candice Does the World: Candice was one of the first people I interacted with when I started my blog. A kindred travel sister, this feisty red head rocks and shares her travel adventures with the world. She’s also a social media whiz, operating Social Media Atlantic Canada (SMAC). On Twitter: @candicewalsh

Day Dream Away: Abby Tegnelia’s life was always fast-paced … until she lost her job and became an ex-pat spending her days in a tiny Costa Rican town. She writes about her time in Coco, as well as life now, gainfully employed and living in Las Vegas as the editor-in-chief of VEGAS Magazine. Her posts are honest, entertaining and great reads that take you behind-the-scenes of her life. Plus, she’s one of my dear friends and was almost solely responsible for my sanity when I was living in Las Vegas. So, you have to read her stuff. On Twitter: @abbytegnelia

Fish Egg Tree: Adam Bray is many things. A veteran guidebook writer, CNN contributor and an expat living in South East Asia. His site features stories on adventure travel, culture, archaeology, environmental issues and local politics in Vietnam, Cambodia and the surrounding region. I traveled with Adam in Rwanda, where he was with me the first moments I saw a gorilla. Then, he and I crossed paths more than a year later in Thailand. His stories are always fascinating. On Twitter: @fisheggtree

FoXnoMad: I tried to meet Anil in Turkey, it didn’t work. So, when he came to Las Vegas, I basically harassed him until we made plans to meet up for breakfast. Why? Because not only does his blog rock, but his tech tips are great for bloggers. Anil is on a journey to visit every country in the world. A former computer hacker, he now travels full time, paying for it by blogging about the adventure. On Twitter: @foxnomad

Go Backpacking: I met Dave Lee the same cold DC night I met Stephanie of Twenty Something. The author of Travel Blogging Success, Dave has spent a lot of time in Medellin, Colombia, as well as running his successful site. It’s full of tips, stories and product reviews … perfect for anyone headed out on a backpacking adventure. On Twitter: @RTWDave

Go, See, Write: Michael Hodson is one of those bloggers I look up to. He’s traversed the world overland, and I think that’s just awesome. Plus, the Ultimate Train Challenge was his brainchild. His site includes narratives, tips and fun interviews with other travel bloggers. On Twitter: @goseewrite

Hecktic Travels: Pete and Dalene don’t have any possessions. No plans. The Canadian couple who sold everything, has been on the road since 2009 and is documenting their experiences. Bonus points: when I finally got to meet them in Chiang Mai, I fell IN LOVE with them. We ate together. Drank together. And got semi-naked massages together. On Twitter: @hecticktravels

Inside the Travel Lab: Abi King is one of those writers who wrap you so thoroughly in her stories, you feel what she feels. I love her for many reasons. We got to spend time together on #BlogTripF1 and I found out writing wasn’t her first career. It was medicine. For someone who is science-minded, her writing just bowls me over. Her blog is about unusual journeys with plenty of adventure, culture and a splash of luxury. On Twitter: @insidetravellab

Isabelle’s Travel Guide: I adore Isabelle Kenis. Adore. I met Isa on #BlogTripF1 in June 2010, and she instantly became a friend for life. Her site is designed to inspire and help others in their ventures to explore the world. She shares her experiences, tips and more. On Twitter: @isabellestravel

Kaleidoscopic Wandering: JoAnna Haugen is one of my mentors, and ridiculously talented. When she’s not blogging on her site, she’s writing about a gamut of topics, including travel, or going on amazing adventures. Her site is a colorful journey around the world told with narrative stories, travel advice, interviews with curious characters, and book and product reviews. On Twitter: @joanna_haugen

Travel this Earth: Formerly “Kay Pacha Travels” Mica, the fabulous girl behind the blog, is most definitely traveling the earth. I met Mica in Chiang Mai, Thailand and instantly felt like I had known her forever. In fact, the night I had out with her and her fantastic boyfriend, Michael, was one of the most fun nights I’ve had in my travels. Her blog, which has been going strong since 2005, is a mix of witty travel tales and photos. On Twitter: @travelthisearth

Man on the Lam: Raymond Walsh left his cubicle-shaped cell to travel the world. He writes about the offbeat and humorous side of travel, and inspires others to “shake the shackles and escape through travel.” For witty stories about travel, this is a great site to check out. On Twitter: @manonthelam1

My Beautiful Adventures: Andi has a love affair with traveling and takes readers with her on all of her adventures. A Chinese medicine doctor and recent newly-wed, Andi’s site provides that travel inspiration readers need, mixed with a healthy dose of personal stories and great pics. On Twitter: @andiperullo

New Adventures in Backpacking: Ross has been backpacking and traveling the world for more than five years … and writing all about his experiences.

Nomadic Chic: Jeannie Mark is one of the most beautiful writers I have read. Her writing constantly mesmerizes me, putting me into the middle of her journeys. A former corporate cog in the wheel who broke free to explore the world, Jeannie’s mission is to put the gypsy back into travel by awakening readers wanderlust through stories, travel tips and inspiring interviews. On Twitter: @nomadicchick

Nomadic Matt: Matt Kepnes has been traveling for years … and writing about his travels, along with helping other bloggers learn how to improve their SEO. Check his site for interesting stories about cities, his thoughts on travel and more. Plus, he’s fun to drink with. On Twitter: @nomadicmatt

Nomadic Samuel: Samuel has been living overseas a long time. His site includes great travel narratives, photos and videos. On Twitter: @nomadicsamuel

Off the Path: Sebastian is originally from my favorite country in the world, Spain and moving to one of my other favorite places, Thailand. He writes about his travels living in Bulgaria and traversing Europe on adventures. On Twitter: @sebaboerner

Our Oyster: Jade and James are a traveling couple from Canada and the UK, respectively. At the moment they are traveling around Australia. On Twitter: @our_oyster

Over Yonderlust: I finally met sweethearts Erica and Shaun in June 2012. Somehow, I convinced Erica to head out on a cross-country road trip with me (before we ever met). Happily, she and I are like long-lost friends. Their site tells colorful stories about their time spent in Central and South America, complete with stunning photos, entertaining videos and fun writing. Up next for the couple? Iceland and Europe. On Twitter: @overyonderlust

Round We Go: Laura and Ryan write their own blogs on this site, sharing their stories of travel and inspiration. On Twitter: @roundwego

Smiling Faces Travel Photos: Nomadic Samuel’s latest project delivers a daily dose of smiles from around the world … straight to Web.

The Aussie Nomad: Chris is another traveler who I’ve “known” since I started blogging. He rescued me in Berlin from a crazy couch surfing experience and has helped me with my site more than once (he’s a seriously awesome web guru). He blogs about his travels and experiences. For those who want to know about budgets in Europe, he did an entire series. On Twitter:@theaussienomad

The Gonzo Traveller: Will Peach. He’s cheeky. He’s often naked (or so you would think). And, I love him. On Twitter: @willpeach

The Planet D: Dave and Deb are an adventure travel couple who inspire their readers to step out of their comfort zone by following their motto “anyone can do it.” They seek out unique and exciting ways to see the earth such as cycling the continent of Africa or driving from England to Mongolia in a small inappropriate car in the Mongol Rally. Also, they take some of the best photographs I have ever seen. On Twitter: @theplanetd

The Travel Belles: A travel magazine geared towards women, deals with solo travel, girlfriend getaways and more. Run by Margo and and Briana, two awesome travel gals, the site includes some great photos from the world. On Twitter: @travelbelles

The Travel Chica: At 29, Stephanie left a great IT consulting job and got rid of most of her things to travel solo through Central and South America, focusing on her love of photography and exploring new places.  She shares her personal experiences as an independent budget traveler (the good, the bad, and the ridiculous) and her photos from Latin America. Stephanie is currently living as a pseudo-expat in Buenos Aires and is ready to explore the rest of the continent. On Twitter:@thetravelchica

The Traveling Philosopher: It took two years to meet Spencer Spellman, but in July 2011, on a chilly San Francisco evening while stuffing our faces at Off the Grid in San Francisco, I finally got to meet him.  The dashing Mr. Spellman’s site tackles travel, philosophy and Southern Charm. What’s not to love? On Twitter: @spencerspellman

The Traveller World Guide: Lindsay Hogg is many things, including a world traveler and one of the funniest people I’ve come across. While we’ve never met, I swear we would have the best time drinking and being snarky/funny together. Her site is the ultimate guide to balancing tequila and tourism. On Twitter: @thehogga

Travels of Adam: I’ve been stalking this site since 2009, before either Adam or myself jetted off to see the world. Adam is also one of the first travel bloggers I met, so he has a special place in my heart. His hipster travel blog talks about some of the most interesting things he’s found around the world — like political tours in Israel and a Polaroid exhibit in Berlin. He’s been on the road for a long time, and is currently living in Berlin (which is the coolest city in the world, according to him). He also runs My Gay Travel Guide, where he writes more personal stories related to traveling as a gay backpacker. On Twitter:@travelsofadam

TravelDudes: Melvin runs the site designed for people who love to travel, discover the world and be informed like an insider. The site is written for travelers, by travelers. I’ve even done a few posts for his site. Check it out for honest info and heaps of travel tips. On Twitter: @traveldudes

Travel — Moments in Time: Lori is based in Romania and a PR professional and traveler. She and Ave write about all of the amazing places they have been and the experiences they have had. On Twitter: @TravelMoments

Traveling Savage: Keith Savage exited the corporate world to pursue his dreams of travel and writing. With a focus on Scotland and whisky, he travels to Scotland three or four times each year while his wife holds down the fort in Madison, Wisconsin. I’m a big fan of whisky, and reading his posts makes me happy. On Twitter: @travelingsavage

Travel Yourself: Cailin is another one of the first people I “met” on Twitter and another of my favorites. I almost got to meet her when I was in Europe, but she went north and I went west. Her site is a video blog that takes you right to the heart of her solo travels. On Twitter: @travelyourself

Twenty-Something Travel: Stephanie Yoder quit her job and is currently on her RTW. This lady is amazing. Her site provides great insight into traveling, gorgeous pics and includes her stories.  It is a must read for any 20-something looking to hit the road/sea/rails/world. On Twitter: @20stravel

Velvet Escape: I met Keith Jenkins during #BlogTripF1, too, and instantly was taken with him, his site and his sweet personality. His site is an independent source of travel inspiration for the discerning traveler. I’m always trying to have a Velvet Moment. Read his site to find out what that is. On Twitter: @velvetescape

Wanderlusting: Dayna and Kurt are two nine-to-fivers turned nomadic who are working, house-sitting and volunteering their way around the world.  Wanderlusting is their labor of love, designed to move travel dreams into action (and provide some pretty cool stories along the way)! On Twitter: @wanderlustng

What’s Dave Doing?: What is Dave doing? This world-traveler is someone who I am proud to call my friend. He bravely met me in Las Vegas and embarked on a week-long adventure driving around the southwest, ending up in Colorado. He travels the world and shares his insights and experiences with some really well-written narrative. On Twitter: @driftingkiwi

Wild Junket: Nellie Huang is another of the amazing bloggers I met in Spain. Her life is one big adventure, and her stories are phenomenal. She likes to walk on the wild side of life and share her adventures with readers. Her travels have brought her from the Amazon to the Galapagos to the villages of Tanzania. Remarkable. On Twitter: @wildjunket

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