Cool Things to do in Berlin

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A round-up of cool things to do in Berlin

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Berlin is one of the most dynamic and cool cities in Europe (at least says I). Thanks to a burgeoning street art scene, embracing of the vegan lifestyle and funky spots to explore, it’s easy to see why it is one of my favorite places in the world.

It’s packed with a fascinating history, friendly locals, and so many things to do that no trip ever seems long enough. So, after checking into your Berlin hotel, I suggest you get out and experience all of the cool things to do in Berlin:

Check Out the Street Art

I’m a huge fan of street art, and the street art in Berlin is sensational. It’s easy to discover it on your own simply by exploring, but Underground Berlin offers a free walking tour that takes people to some of the most famous works, explains the stories behind the work and artists, and delivers you to plenty of off-the-beaten-path sites where photos barely do justice.

Explore Kreuzberg

After wrapping your street art tour, head to Kreuzberg, where cultures unite in this trendy and hip neighborhood. It’s loaded with street art, but there is so much more to this spot than that. Delve into the ethnic food scene here and sample a currywurst or Turkish eats, then check out the tiny and funky shops which line the street in the SO36 part of town.

Head to the Island

While it isn’t tropical, Berlin does have an island. Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the middle of the River Spree, is loaded with museums (as its name would suggest). Check out the Neues Museum that features the bust of Nefertiti, and then head to the Pergamonmuseum which houses impressive architectural feats and recreations from around the world.

Explore the Berlin Wall

Although most of the Berlin Wall was demolished in the 1990s, there is a restored area at the southern part of the wall to check out. The most colorful part of the wall still intact encompasses the East Side Gallery, which has kept the art and paintings alive on the wall. For history, head to Checkpoint Charlie on the east-west border. While it was used as border control during the Cold War, today it is a tourist center that offers information about the history of the wall.

Hang by the River

Berliners love their River Spree, and with good reason. Thanks to the snowy and cold winters, when the sun comes up and the temperatures rise, this is the spot they all hide to get outside. There are plenty of bars along the river to enjoy, and even places to take a nice dip into the refreshing water. By day, the River Spree is a place to chill, by night it is one of the best spots to party it up.

Get a Different View

At nearly 700 feet above the city, the Berlin TV Tower is the place to go to see the city … from above. It’s home to a rotating restaurant, Sphere, and is perfect to watch the sunset over the city.

Editor’s Note: This post is a part of the Hipmunk CityLove campaign.

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