Trials, triumphs and travels … navigating past the comfort zone. For more posts on this, please visit The Comfort Zone Project’s new Web site.

April 21, 2014 , 16 Comments

There are times I find myself staring at a map, just lost in the possibilities of the world and all of its wonders. Then, the wanderlust begins to bubble up […]

A cigarette and a view: the coupling of smoking and travel

April 3, 2014 , 15 Comments

I sit, tuckered out from a long day of travel. Situated on the former Olympic Steps in Sarajevo, surrounded by green mountains dotted with homes which ...

Breaking up with booze

March 19, 2014 , 16 Comments

The Comfort Zone Project and my quest to not be “fat” in Thailand are leading me down a path of mindful eating, five-day-a-week workout s ...


February 25, 2014 , 8 Comments

It’s Sunday night, and I’m in my bedroom, getting ready for bed. I look down at my teak wood floor and see Mr. Lucky, laying on the ground ...

  • The fat girl in Thailand
    February 18, 2014 , 155 Comments

    This post is a part of the year-long Comfort Zone Project. “Oh, why you so pom pui?” People ask me. Strangers. Friends. You name it. Pom pui. You’d think one [...]

  • The Comfort Zone Project
    February 10, 2014 , 46 Comments

    “Life’s not about living happily ever after … it’s about living.” That is the tagline for my blog, and was the motivating factor in the major decision I made nearly [...]

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