August 3, 2011 , 14 Comments

I spent time in Portugal, but not quality time. Mostly because I was sick. And, then I was drunk , and then I was hungover. Fortunately, there was at least […]

Seeking solitude in the Algarve

February 22, 2011 , No comments

This is a guest post by Kirk Shackleton. The Algarve has never really held much of an attraction for me.  I prefer to risk twisting my ankle off the ...

Aussies know how to par-tay

July 7, 2010 , 12 Comments

I am not an Aussie. I cannot even try to pretend I am an Aussie. When I try to be an Aussie, bad things happen ... like shots of Jager getting p ...

The otherside of the Atlantic Ocean

July 6, 2010 , No comments

Covered in sunscreen (SPF 30) and armed with my book and a sheet to layout, I headed to the beach. The sky looked a bit threatening that morning ̷ ...

  • Sick, sick, sick
    July 6, 2010 , 2 Comments

    The last few days in Merida, I began to feel sick. I couldn’t breathe well, I had that sexy throat-y voice and a cough. A miserable cough that would keep [...]

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