September 2, 2011 , 2 Comments

Sometimes, being solo and traveling is hard. You see something so breathtaking, so amazing, such an example of the beauty of the world before you … you turn to convey […]

Romanian sunsets, Hungarian mornings and Polish afternoons

May 25, 2010 , 6 Comments

I stood outside at 22h 40 (I know, very European of me), backpack strapped tight to me, messenger bag slung across my front and purse on my arm. Whew. ...

D vs Budapest: The down and dirty recap

April 28, 2010 , 34 Comments

I departed Madrid with such apprehension. I wanted to stay, but knew it was time to head out and keep traveling. Budapest was the destination, but I w ...

The upside of traveling solo is the same as the down

April 26, 2010 , 19 Comments

I stood, lost in thought at the taco counter in Pest. "Are you OK?" asked the young man at the counter, in English seeping with a beautiful Hungarian ...

  • Taking it off in Budapest
    April 22, 2010 , 18 Comments

    I stood in front of my locker, looking from the suit I was wearing to the clothes I had laid out on the bench in front of me. Two older women stood in the room, talking amongst themselves. If they did notice me, they ignored me. Do it. Do ...

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