July 20, 2011 , 11 Comments

When I was in Berlin, I enjoyed two free tours. One that took me to the historical sites (which, to my surprise, was not a snooze fest), and one that […]

Sleeping in airports — part two

November 22, 2010 , 6 Comments

I knew spending the night at Frankfurt’s airport was likely my only option. I couldn’t be bothered with the logistics of getting into town ...

The slow return to America

November 18, 2010 , 5 Comments

I arrived to the Zadar airport way too early for my liking. “This is the bus you have to take if you want to get there in time for your [...]

Berlin – the other love

June 11, 2010 , 6 Comments

I may love Madrid, but Berlin … man, it comes in a close second. Seriously. It may have been really cold … and windy … and rainy in ...

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