May 23, 2014 , 4 Comments

What to do with exhumed skeletons of more than 14,000 bodies from the time of the Black Plague? For woodcarver FrantiÅ¡ek Rint, the grisly task was his to handle the bones […]

The lure of Prague

May 20, 2014 , 10 Comments

There is a history in Prague — and the rest of Europe — which suspends these places in time. Freezes them in moments only my brain can whi ...

Daily Wanderlust: The skyline of Prague

January 6, 2014 , 4 Comments

Prague. A beautiful, magical city that instantly whisks visitors into a world of old and new merged together. Where palaces and modern life smash toge ...

Escape of the Week: Colors of Prague

June 16, 2011 , 2 Comments

    I’ve been to Prague twice in my life, and was taken by the city both times. As someone who is not used to seeing the gorgeous myri ...

  • That One Time in Prague
    June 4, 2010 , 6 Comments

    Prague. One of the most colorful and stunning cities I have ever encountered. This visit to Prague marked my second time in the city. The first time was eight years [...]

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