September 17, 2014 , 7 Comments

I’ve been on a few group tours in my day. During this most recent little jaunt from Thailand to Europe I went on three of these outings. The first was [...]

The Medieval Škofja Loka

September 12, 2014 , 2 Comments

It’s hitting that magnificent Golden Hour when we arrive to Škofja Loka (Slovene for Bishop’s Meadow), a medieval city only 25 km from ...

Welcome to the new d travels ’round

September 12, 2014 , 23 Comments

Same, same … but (oh so) different I’ve been keeping a secret from you lovelies. Actually, I’ve been keeping quite a few secrets. I& ...

Discover Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj

September 3, 2014 , 22 Comments

The aquamarine, clear water sparkles in the morning sun, setting off tiny glints of gold in the ripples of Lake Bled’s water against the looming ...

  • The rush of Vintgar Gorge
    August 27, 2014 , 16 Comments

    There is a whisper of water that gently mists my face, speckling my glasses as I make my way towards the quiet roar a few feet away. I breathe in the [...]

  • Finding peace in Piran
    August 19, 2014 , 10 Comments

    I sit in the front passenger seat of the white Roundabout van as we whir through the Slovenian countryside, passing the lush green rolling hills and striking vistas of the [...]

  • Mourning and the Adriatic
    July 16, 2014 , 10 Comments

    One of the last memories I have of the Adriatic Sea is standing on its rocky shore in Trogir, Croatia, bending down and picking up a smooth stone to take [...]

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