October 7, 2015 , 2 Comments

“There’s a smell,” the man seated next to me explains as we circle the airspace above Bangkok. “I can’t describe it … but … it’s this smell. It’s distinct. It’s […]

Money Matters: How to Travel on a Budget

September 28, 2015 , 2 Comments

If you’re thinking about heading out and spending a large chunk of your money, there are resources to keep you traveling longer and options whil ...

Money Matters: Why You Must Have Money to Travel

September 21, 2015 , 18 Comments

“Quit your job to travel. Now.” “Don’t worry about money. It’s OK. You won’t regret traveling.” “Who c ...

Why I Hate Travel Quotes

September 10, 2015 , 27 Comments

Here’s the deal: I like pretty photos with inspirational photos as much as the next person. Hell, I’ve got a Pinterest board that focuses ...

  • The Truth About Riding Elephants
    August 11, 2015 , 78 Comments

    I watch, happy tears swelling in my eyes, as the first of two rescued ex-trekking elephants walks off of the truck, backing out slowly and cautiously placing her hind legs, [...]

  • 10 Tips for Solo Female Travelers
    August 10, 2015 , 12 Comments

    Do you want to travel solo but haven’t pulled the trigger yet? Traveling as a single female is more accessible than ever, thanks to a growing number of kick-ass women [...]

  • Giving Back: A Look at FLYTE
    July 22, 2015 , No comments

    If there is one thing I know, travel isn’t a born right. It is a privilege. And one many around the world don’t have the opportunity to experience. That’s why [...]

  • The Cool Guide to London
    July 3, 2015 , 15 Comments

    While in London, I was constantly looking for cool places to visit and experience. I like to think I found quite a few little gems, some you may have heard [...]

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