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Ljubljana Hostel Celica
July 24, 2014, 22 Comments

You’d think sleeping inside a former military prison would be creepy. I even ask the manager of the property as she guides me down the dark, damp stairs to where [...]

A photo from Tel Aviv

This time will be different

May 21, 2014, 4 Comments

“This time Israel will be different.” I tell everyone who will listen to me, not really for them, but to remind myself how much I have ch ...

A London phone booth

10 things traveling solo taught me about life

March 7, 2014, 24 Comments

Today is March 7 … exactly four years ago today I boarded a flight to London and embarked on a seven-month solo backpacking adventure through Europe ...

Berlin May 3 8 Amsterdam May 8 11 053

Love and the airport

August 29, 2013, 28 Comments

The two are cuddled next to each other. He strums on his guitar in the middle of Bangkok Airway’s lounge. Annoying considering I want silence so ...

  • Rome
    Being 30 and Single
    October 30, 2012, 15 Comments

    Editor’s Note: This post is written by Jo Turnbull, a fellow 30-Life-Crisis-Screw-It-I’m-Traveling-Travel-Blogger. She’s rad. Turning 30 is normally the age when you buy your house, settle down, have a couple [...]

  • A tuk tuk driver races down the street in Chiang Mai
    ‘Twas the night before Expat Life
    August 13, 2012, 57 Comments

    “You’re moving to Thailand?” It’s been since February when I knew my future would take me to Thailand and I would become an expat. For nearly five months, my life [...]

  • The woods in a Maryland backyard
    Coming home
    July 20, 2012, 11 Comments

    Pulling in to my neighborhood, I can feel my chest tighten. The trees. When did they get so big? The homes. When did they get so old? “Welcome to my [...]

  • Colorado Rockies
    Rocky Mountains, sigh
    June 20, 2012, 4 Comments

    Editor’s Note: This post is a part of the #winosontheroad series. Over Yonderlust and d travels ’round are road tripping and exploring America through June 27. Be sure to check out all of the posts of [...]

  • The entrance to Zion National Park in Utah
    On the open road …
    June 14, 2012, 16 Comments

    It’s dark, but above me I can hear the pitter patter of little feet on the floor. Little voices delighting in the morning. I roll over. It’s too early. I’m [...]

  • #WinosontheRoad
    Exploring America
    June 6, 2012, 24 Comments

    So, what does one do after making the decision to leave America and become an expat? Plan an epic, massive, awesome road trip. That’s right. My time as a Las [...]

  • photo-3-e1337964531559
    The price of becoming an expat
    May 25, 2012, 32 Comments

      Curled up in my lap, light blue eyes heavy with sleep, Jagger barely whispers to me, “will you bring my back a coconut to drink from?” I fight tears [...]

  • Clock Work Man
    The time I quit my job again
    May 24, 2012, 22 Comments

    I have no intention of  quitting my job so soon after returning from Red Mountain Resort. Except, the words from the shaman and my reiki practitioner echo in my ears: [...]