Viva Lost Wages

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Oh. My. God. Did I just fall back in love with Las Vegas?

I rubbed my eyes and shook off my nearly six(!) hour flight. Thanks, headwinds.

Las [insert expletive here] Vegas.

A rush of emotions filled me silmutaneously.

First — happiness. I was seeing some of my closest friends in the world after a year of being apart and entire lifetime of change.

Second — anxiety. I was only in town for five days. Would I be able to see everyone that mattered to me?

Third — dread. It was my birthday. I was there to celebrate my birthday. But, I really, really liked being 30. I wasn’t ready to usher in another age of wisdom in exchange for the Year of MyLife. And yet, there it was.

Fourth — lust. This used to be MY city. I knew it inside and out. I had come into my own there. I had grown-up (for all intents and purposes) in Las Vegas. It was my home. I was comfortable there.

My home. Yes, I just thought that.

Shake it off, D.

And then, there was Kyla with her 7-year-old son, Presley, in tow, scooping the very emotional me.

As soon as I saw Kyla’s SUV pull up at Passenger Pick-Up, my eyes began to water.

Kyla jumped out of the car to hug me, and then we quickly hopped into the vehicle, ready to get our night started.

Of course, the entire way home, she and I caught up on our lives. I gave her a rough (rough) synopsis of my trip to Europe. Fortunately, she had read some of my blog so she knew the nuts and bolts … I just filled her in on the down and dirty details I kept more or less private.

“Do you remember me?” I asked, turning to the little blonde-headed, blue-eyed boy in the back.

“Yeah,” said Presley, dead serious. “I haven’t see you in 486 days.”

“Well, not that long … but close enough,” I said, smiling.

He was only a little off in the number of days.

“Welcome back!” Kyla said as we pulled up to her house.



About the Author

Diana Edelman is a travel writer and expat currently residing in Spain. Previously, she lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand where she worked for Save Elephant Foundation and Elephant Nature Park, an organization dedicated to rescuing elephants and raising awareness about responsible elephant tourism. A former career breaker and long-term solo traveler,  today, Diana is a responsible elephant tourism expert and the co-founder of #RTTC, the Responsible Travel & Tourism Collective, which includes a weekly chat on Twitter focusing on responsible tourism. She has spoken about responsible tourism at TBEX Europe and Asia and has appeared as an elephant tourism expert in numerous documentaries. Recently, Diana was featured in an episode of House Hunters International. She is a regular contributor to Top 10 Vegas, and her writing has appeared in, Thought Catalog, The Huffington Post, Matador Network, Travel + Escape, Luna Luna, Vegas Seven, World Nomads, Viator, CheapOair, OneTravel and more.

6 Comments on " Viva Lost Wages "

  1. Lindsay aka @_thetraveller_ January 14, 2011 at 10:06 am · Reply

    Awww “I haven’t see you in 486 days.” That’s really cute! I just recently got to meet my new niece who was born while I was away.

    • The Adventures of D January 19, 2011 at 11:12 pm · Reply

      The little look and hand gesture he did with it was equally cute! You must have loved to meet your niece! That is so exciting :)

  2. Andi January 14, 2011 at 10:50 am · Reply

    What a great feeling to have! The only place I’ve felt “home” is NYC. :)

    • The Adventures of D January 19, 2011 at 7:30 pm · Reply

      It’s a really weird feeling. I have only felt it once before and that was Spain.

  3. Kirsten January 18, 2011 at 7:35 am · Reply

    ANDI TOOK MY ANSWER!!!!!! Haha! But no, really, it’s important I think to find somewhere that can feel like home. For even a lifelong traveler stops once in a while. So great that you may have that in Vegas. I definitely have found that in NYC. Also, Happy Birthday!!

    • The Adventures of D January 19, 2011 at 7:29 pm · Reply

      Glad you found it in NYC!! And, thank you, Kirsten. Let me know when you head out to Vegas!

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